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Depth charge - mecha squirrel

The new season of Power Rangers Ninja Steel is on the horizon in 2017!  It is currently airing in Japan and known as Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.  Be the first one to get the Ninja Steel Bison King Megazord. This Megazord is actually comprised of just 2 entities.  The first one is a Blue Mecha figure […]

Captain Goomba and his squad come across a Shy Guy strolling around, who throws a turnip at Goomba. Afraid for a second that he might be brainwashed, the captain is ready to fight, but the Shy Guy says they are on the same side, and he was only attacking due to the fact other minions were hostile. Shy Guy joins Goomba's team as a new captain.

Lion Fire Megazord's torso spins 180-degrees to reveal the giant "throne" on its back and becomes a carrier robot for this formation. Then the Bull Rider Megazord disassembles with his legs re-attached onto Lion Fire Megazord's forearms as twin bazookas, while the rest of Bull Rider Megazord attaches to Lion Fire Megazord's front.

The Tornado appears in the opening and ending cutscenes of Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball . In the game, it is given a slight, sleeker redesign, with different wings and propeller engine installed behind the plane. Sonic is seen riding on the wing as usual when the plane is shot down, depositing him into the waters outside Toxic Caves . Later at the ending, Tails saves Sonic as he falls from the sky, while Robotnik falls to the remains of destroyed Veg-O-Fortress .

The Controls are how the operator issues commands to the man amplifier . A Game Gontroller is a set of joysticks and a keyboard, or something along those lines.

Depth Charge - Mecha SquirrelDepth Charge - Mecha SquirrelDepth Charge - Mecha SquirrelDepth Charge - Mecha Squirrel