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Return of the native - lightness ep

In 2014, Yale University had its own problems over the repatriation of a one bear and one bird Tlingit carvings held at its Peabody Museum. The Salem and Yale museums were both founded by the philanthropist George Peabody. They were likely to have been stolen, but haven't yet been returned.

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Marc Prensky explains that the emergence of digital game-based learning came in the “last decades of the 20th century,” when there was a global technology boom. 1 The recent generations of students in grades K-12 have lived their entire lives with access to technology — not only computers, but also digital music and video players, cell phones, video games, and a host of other gizmos that require technology. Because of this access to technology, Prensky argues that today’s students “think and process information fundamentally differently than their predecessors.” 2 Teachers, or what Prensky calls “digital immigrants” now have to adapt to the language and learning styles of “digital natives,” a term he uses to describe students who have always been surrounded by technology. 3 Prensky recommends that in order for teachers to adapt their instruction to meet the needs of students, they can implement computer or digital-based games as learning tools in the classroom. These games can be used in various subject areas and in a variety of ways.

Return Of The Native - Lightness EPReturn Of The Native - Lightness EPReturn Of The Native - Lightness EPReturn Of The Native - Lightness EP