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Keith jarrett - hymns spheres

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Side One (25:20)
1. "Sivad" (15:13)
(Recorded December 19, 1970 at The Cellar Door, Washington, DC & May 19, 1970 at Columbia Studio B, New York, NY)

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From the titles alone, one might think of these pieces as incidental music, when in fact the music is its own ritual, a collection of hymns to itself in a mise-en-abyme of faith. It is a multifaceted jewel of loosely bound energy that finds joy in emptiness. With due assurance and temerity, Jarrett proves it’s not music that is its own religion, but religion that is its own music.

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Keith Jarrett - Hymns SpheresKeith Jarrett - Hymns SpheresKeith Jarrett - Hymns SpheresKeith Jarrett - Hymns Spheres