Job - coram deo

The College Chapel is one of the most beautiful places of worship in Ireland. The College was founded in 1795 as the National Seminary, and this is the principal ...

In her book Formations, Kay Shurden observes that a family is more than a collection of human beings related by blood. It is more than the sum of its parts. A family is a living, shaping, powerful unit that teaches us our most important lessons. It teaches us who we are, how to act, whom we relate to and what is important in life.

Spend a few minutes today reflecting on your future. What are your plans for your immediate future? What are your long-range plans? Have you made your eternal plans?

Above the oak carvings are the life size Stations of the Cross painted by Nathaniel H J Westlake of London. The stations are painted on canvas, and affixed to the walls. The names of the donors are inscribed on them, just a few of the thousands of individuals who gave generously to the College from Ireland and all over the world wherever Irish priests had gone to preach the Gospel.

Job - Coram DeoJob - Coram DeoJob - Coram DeoJob - Coram Deo