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Miles davis - first class jazz - miles davis

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And then I hear the sound. It starts as a crackle. Then a whinny. Then a staccato series of gasps and yelps and piercing cries. These are the noises that only a baby makes, and that baby is in business class, three seats over from me.

Two recording sessions in 1956 were enough for four separate albums: Relaxin' with the Miles Davis Quintet , Cookin' with the Miles Davis Quintet , Workin' with the Miles Davis Quintet , and Steamin' with the Miles Davis Quintet . "If I Were a Bell" is the lead track off of Relaxin' . "Many people argue that these are the first hard bop recordings ever done," Jones says. "What you hear is a relaxed style, you hear the rhythm section very relaxed. You don't hear that up feel that you get with bebop. And you also hear the American popular songbook expressed magically by Miles."

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Barry, Julia
Bourke, Catherine
Bourke, John
Bradley, Bridget
Buckley, Daniel
Buckley, Katherine
Burke, Jeremiak
Burke, Mary
Burns, Mary
Canavan, Mary
Carr, Ellen
Car, Jeannie
Chartens, David
Cannavan, Pat
Colbert, Patrick
Conlin, Thos. H.
Connaghton, Michel
Connors, Pat
Conolly, Kate
Daly, Marcella
Daly, Eugene
Devanoy, Margaret
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Dooley, Patrick
Doyle, Elin
Driscoll, Bridget
Emmeth, Thomas
Farrell, James
Foley, Joseph
Foley, William
Flynn, James
Flynn, John
Fox, Patrick
Gallagher, Martin
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Glynn, Mary
Hagardon, Kate
Hagarty, Nora
Hart, Henry
Healy, Nora
Horgan, John
Hemming, Norah
Henery, Delia
Jenymin, Annie
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Kelly, Annie K.
Kelly, Mary
Kerane, Andy
Kennedy, John
Kilgannon, Thomas
Kiernan, John
Kiernan, Phillip
Lane, Patrick
Lemom, Denis
Lemon, Mary
Linehan, Michel
Madigan, Maggie
Mahon, Delia
Mannion, Margareth
Mangan, Mary
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McCoy, Alice
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Moran, Bertha
Morgan, Daniel J.
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Mulvihill, Bertha
Murphy, Norah
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Kate
Naughton, Hannah
Nemagh, Robert
O'Brien, Denis
O'Brien, Thomas
O'Brien, Hannah
O'Connell, Pat D.
O'Connor, Maurice
O'Connor, Pat
O'Donaghue, Bert
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Rice, Margaret
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Rice, Eric
Rice, Arthur
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Miles Davis - First Class Jazz - Miles DavisMiles Davis - First Class Jazz - Miles DavisMiles Davis - First Class Jazz - Miles DavisMiles Davis - First Class Jazz - Miles Davis