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Pandamonium - scarlet woman

Pandora hates violence, but understands that sometimes, peaceful means will not always solve a problem. She is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant and is versed in several armed weapon-fighting styles.

Master Pandemonium would return years later when the Scarlet Witch goes to a New England ghost town called Unity to seek answers about her past. Pandemonium's form changed from the torment he suffered from Mephisto and the demons he once contained and controlled. Mephisto was very eager to make Pandemonium pay for his failures and unleashed tremendous pain and suffering onto him. Pandemonium's love for the Scarlet Witch provided him the strength and will to survive. Pandemonium was free to return to Earth and that's when he set the trap for the Scarlet Witch. Pandemonium had captured some of her Avenger teammates and transformed them into demons. Scarlet Witch and Agatha Harkness saved her friends and placed Pandemonium in magical constraints. His mystic restraints were broken when the Scarlet Witch battled a nexus being from another dimension named Lore. Pandemonium was struck with a magical blast from Lore and he disappeared.

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  • Drogoz
    • Legendary
      • Fusillade
        • Reduced direct shot bonus damage from 50% to 35%
          • “Fusillade was always meant to be about awesome damage if you can land the shot. With the recent networking improvements made to Drogoz, this damage became a little too consistent.”
    • Booster
      • Reduced recharge rate by 17%.
        • “One of Drogoz’s key strengths is his ability to stay in the air, this change allows him to stay airborne for just as long, but when he does hit the ground he’ll have to wait a bit longer to take flight.”
  • Inara
    • Legendary Cards
      • Mother’s Grace
        • No longer grants Debuff Immunity.
        • Now grants CC Immunity.
          • “We’re happy with the boost Inara got last patch, but Debuff immunity was confusing and had some strange consequences. Moving to CC Immunity should be more clear without sacrificing much effectiveness.”
    • Earthen Guard
      • Now increases healing taken by 60%.
        • “In losing Debuff immunity, Earthen Guard will no longer remove Cauterize. However, this change will allow Inara to get more healing even while under the effects of Cauterize, but also ensure that Cauterize is still useful against her. The two effects will stack additively against each other.”
    • Stone Spear
      • Firing Stone Spear will now apply a 40% movement speed slow to Inara while firing.
        • “Inara was dealing a lot of damage, but we want to make sure that she isn’t chasing people down.”
  • Grohk
    • Champion Price reduced from 200 Crystals 5000 Gold to 150 Crystals 4000 Gold
      • “ As we grow our champion pool we will continue to discount some champions over time while new champions will retain their release price for longer.”
  • Kinessa
    • Legendary
      • Steady Aim
        • Increased time interval between empowered shots from 5 to 7s
          • “Steady Aim is about taking your time to land those big shots, this should make that feel a little more natural.”
  • Seris
    • Convergence
      • Reduce the charge rate from dealing damage by 15%
        • “We felt that Seris was able to charge her ultimate a little too easy through dealing damage, especially when following up after using Convergence. This does not affect her charge rate via healing..”
  • Willo
    • General
      • Increased health from 2000 to 2200
    • Legendary
      • Blastflower
        • Increased the bonus damage per hit from 50 to 100.
        • Now only stacks up to 3 times.
          • “While Willo is not meant to be a duelist, she felt a little too vulnerable in a 1v1. These two change should help her in that situation, especially now that Blastflower gives her more damage sooner..”
      • Scorn
        • Reduced fuse time by 25%
          • “With this change to Scorn, players opting into a Seedling-focused build should be able to be a little more consistent with their primary ability.”
    • Fae Flight
      • Weapon shots fired while in Fae Flight no longer consume ammo
        • “Activating Fae Flight without reloading first could waste valuable time, now you won’t have to worry as you can fire your weapon freely during your ultimate.”
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    Pandamonium - Scarlet WomanPandamonium - Scarlet WomanPandamonium - Scarlet WomanPandamonium - Scarlet Woman