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With enhanced technology and more sophisticated post-production techniques, the underwater world footage is now much more realistic as well as revealing important scientific discoveries.

Environmental awareness is one of Water Planet’s wild dolphin encounters programs’ main objectives. Dolphins and other marine life, the fauna and flora found on Shell Island form what is called an ecosystem. Each organism has its own specific place and function in the environment as a whole while interacting with the other elements. The good health of one is dependant on the good health of the other. Dolphins are at the top of the food chain and are a good indicator of the health of their environment and therefore of ours as well. Understanding and respect are the corner stones of wild life protection and conservation. Respect is letting grow and letting be; from the smallest and seemingly most insignificant to the largest manifestation of nature. And that includes respecting oneself as well. During the course of our “expeditions”, we will do our best to introduce you to the animals and to the plant life that live on and around Shell Island.

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Underwater - Water PlanetUnderwater - Water PlanetUnderwater - Water PlanetUnderwater - Water Planet