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Chase events - pick up the pieces / enouch

Leland Community Center, 4301 Willow Lane, Bethesda/Chevy Chase, MD
This is a weekly, recurring activity, only impeded by inclement weather, annual two week cleaning events and acts of God, as it were. So, PLEASE, come out and play....
This is the ORIGINAL location for the first MD/DC VB Meetups from several years ago.
The court repairs have been effected so both courts are available to play on, again.
After March 14th, 2013, the hours at Leland CC revert back to SIX PM until Nine PM or even Ten PM......depending upon the International Folk Dancing group.
Due to County budget restraints, Leland will close earlier than in prior times. Please note earlier closing time.
Please RSVP so we know how many to expect to join us. Come on, you guys. We can fill this place with up to 24 total players, counting in the ten or so already there weekly. See you there.
So, check us out and see if we are up to your personal playing standards. What have you got to lose, except a couple pounds and some sweat? You might actually have a good time.....Hope to see you all out on the courts.....our courts, that is.
Speaking of which, I do suggest that with two courts that we play winners from each court and so on all evening long. Playing the same players over and over again may not be as entertaining as switching up. Just a suggestion for you all to consider.
Now, if I could JUST find some players to go out afterwards for a couple cold ones to rehydrate, THAT would be lovely.

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Chase Events - Pick Up The Pieces / EnouchChase Events - Pick Up The Pieces / EnouchChase Events - Pick Up The Pieces / EnouchChase Events - Pick Up The Pieces / Enouch